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Everything you need to raise a

Healthy, Adventurous Eater

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Help your kid become a veggie explorer!

Every month, we'll ship you an activity kit which focuses on one new in-season vegetable. In it, you'll get 4 evidence-based activities designed to help your kids see, smell, touch, and eventually taste this new item - plus have fun doing it!

You'll end the dinner time battles. They'll have fun with food. It's win-win.

Boxes are built with kids ages 3-9 in mind. Some activities do contain small pieces that can be choking hazards, so we do not recommend using them with children under age 3 and you should always provide adult supervision and adjust activities as needed.

Everything you need to raise healthy, adventurous eaters in a box...literally!

30%+ of parents describe their kids as “picky eaters”. And up to 60% think their kids aren’t eating optimally.

The result of this? Many parents I talk to spend countless hours:

👨‍🍳 Cooking a separate meal that their kid(s) will eat

🙇‍♀️ Worrying about their child’s nutrition

🗣 Engaging in meal time battles trying to get their kids to change / eat more / at least eat their vegetables

I KNOW that all parents out there have the best intentions when they:

☝️ Institute a no thank you bite rule

🍨 Make dessert a reward for eating dinner

🥦 Hide vegetables to sneak them in

And yet, research shows that these practices can actually result in kids getting MORE picky - or at the very least staying the same - rather than becoming more adventurous eaters.

So what does help?

Neutral exposures to a variety of food

🍠 No-pressure opportunities to engage with new foods (usually without tasting)

🥕 FUN food play

That means that seeing, smelling, and touching a food all make it more likely that a kid will taste it in the long run.

However, in our busy lives, it can be hard to fit in time and energy to come up with activities to play with food and actually make it happen.

That is why I created Veggie Explorers Club. So that you could have easy, fun, intentional activities to help your kids learn to explore new foods.